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The Boom of the Live Video Streaming is Nearly Here

The Boom of the Live Video Streaming is Nearly Here

As the 2016 year comes to an end, it is important to talk about the future trend that can have an impact on an organization’s digital strategy. I think all of the active digital users noticed that nearly every social media introduced the ability for the live streaming: Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
As you could already guess, I am talking about the Live video streaming trend that already became popular among digital users. Not to mention that “behind the scenes” live streaming is very popular among the online audience, as users like to get exclusive content and be the first ones to see it. In the recent years, live streaming has beaten video on demand (VOD) in per play viewing time:



Why Is It Happening?

One of the reasons why live streaming became so popular in the recent years is the increasing usage of the smartphones. There is a great article by Business of Apps that includes graphs showing desktop versus mobile usage. We are always on-the-go, having no time to sit and watch TV. However, with the smartphone in a pocket, all of your favourite shows or events are in your palm.

Better quality smartphone cameras combined with higher 4G (LTE) Internet connection is another reason why live streaming is becoming popular every month. We all remember the times when the highest quality available was 360p, which was not appealing to watch. As for now, watching live streams on smartphones gives you a good 720p quality lag free. We can expect that video streaming services will introduce 1080p quality streams in the nearest future.

What is more, social media users are interested in the real-time content, giving them an ability to step into the place they have never been to, like behind the scenes or private event. This year’s Presidential debate was streamed live for the first time and drown an attention of millions of viewers. When watching a live stream, users can share their emotions with Likes and also talk to other viewers using chat section.

Hold Your Hand On Pulse

In our fast moving world, we have to think in advance for organizations to be successful. Live streaming potential is something that is not yet fully discovered. However, the possibilities are endless. Live videos can be used to show off the company’s culture; build awareness around new product release; give live coverage of the event; host Q&A session with your audience.

While live streaming is not yet the number one content users are looking for, there is time to think of how live videos can be used by organizations. Companies need to research what people prefer to watch live: either unboxing of a brand new product or a simple Q&A session with company’s representative.

Time to choose what tools to use to reach your target market. It depends on what platform your audience uses. In my opinion, the best choice is Facebook with more than 1.7 billion users and its Facebook Live. With Facebook, you will be able to reach more users with the help of your current followers. If your content worth watching, there is no doubt that people will share your live stream with their friends.

Live streaming is something that people love to watch every day. The problem is with the lack of content coming from the big brands. It is all matter of time. I am sure brands will recognize what live content to produce, and our whole newsfeed will be occupied with the live videos.

How to be successful in live streaming?



VIDEO: SWOT and Situation Analysis | Articles review

VIDEO: SWOT and Situation Analysis | Articles review

Welcome to my first video blog! Today we will describe SWOT and Situation Analysis and talk about errors and inaccuracies of two pieces of online content describing these two strategy models.

I will be looking at an article on Small Business website that explains what is Situation analysis is and an infographic where SWOT is described.




A Situational Analysis of a Strategic Marketing Plan article by Kristie Lorette

SWOT ANALYSIS infographics by Dominic Reigns as a platform for business as a platform for business

VK is a social media platform that is very popular in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. Millions of people visit VK every day to spend their spare time. But how can international businesses use this platform to promote products and services? In my SlideShare presentation, I will give general information about VK and what are the benefits for companies to use VK as a platform for business.

Resources used in the presentation:
Image Composition – Social Media posts for APPLE

Image Composition – Social Media posts for APPLE

In today’s blog post I will suggest three pictures for Apple’s social media to post, including slogans for each. I will try to hold to company’s theme and image. All of the pictures will be taken using iPhone 6 camera, and some filters will be applied.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Best Pair Ever. Now wireless

As Apple has purchased Beats by Dr.Dre and recently released new wireless Beats Studio, I was trying to show that iPhone together with Beats creates unforgettable music experience as well as incredibly comfort having no wires. The image was taken outside as I wanted to show that having wireless headphones make you absolutely free and without any limits. It is noticeable that the picture’s focus is on the iPhone and “b” logo is blurred. However, you still can understand not only what headphone’s brand the person is wearing but what phone he is using.

The image was processed with VSCO with g3 preset, as it was quite sunny weather and attention could be diverted to the background. With this filter, the background became darker, whereas iPhone and headphones are now more noticeable. When thinking about composition techniques, I decided to use focus to highlight the product. Moreover, a person’s hand is driving us from headphones to the phone.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Take it anywhere

Apple is very concerned about their products being lightweight, having long life battery and including different apps for different situations. The primary target market for Mac is either students or people who require traveling a lot doing their work on the go. In our case, we have a student preparing assignment in the library sitting between the shelves. He does not require a power socket to study as he is sure the battery will not die soon. He is also using built-in apps to write down his thoughts.

This picture was processed with VSCO with c1 preset, to darken everything around a Macbook and make a laptop more noticeable. Moreover, with the framing composition technique this filter strengthen the drama and isolation of the image.

Processed with VSCO with x1 preset

The whole calendar is in your pocket

Apple is trying to make its products tiny but powerful regarding possibilities – iPhone is not an exception. With this picture, I was trying to show that one of the iPhones useful features is a calendar with notifications. Why take a notebook with you when iPhone can be much helpful and much more comfortable? If it is required to add a new alert for any event – just a couple of taps will solve the problem. With the notebook under the iPhone, I wanted to show the differences in sizes.

The image was processed with VSCO with x1 preset to make in black and white. With the help of this filter, my shot got a calm and soothing atmosphere. It’s also helped to emphasize the most important parts of the picture: iPhone and calendar.