[Adobe Spark] HOW-TO Create a Video

[Adobe Spark] HOW-TO Create a Video

Today I will show you how Adobe Spark can be used to create a great video out of images and text.

As I mentioned above, this video was created with the help of Adobe Spark app on the iOS device (iPhone 6). By the way, Spark is not available on other devices but “iDevices.” It was my first time using this kind of video editors, and I can say that everything went smooth. The interface is very intuitive and friendly. You have a huge variety of icons and pictures to use in your video free of charge.


Every slide can have a different layout. You can choose either you want to have just an image on the slide or image and text below. In my case, I used three different layouts in my video: “One Thing,” “Two Things,” and “Thing+Caption.”


Moreover, you can select a timing of each slide. It means after what amount of seconds one slide will change to another. For example, I used 2-3 seconds on the text slides and 4-5 seconds on image+text slides, so viewers can have time to read all content on each slide. With the red button, you can record you voice if you want to tell a story.


As for the background music, you have a bulk of songs included in the app itself. It is possible to reduce or increase the volume of the song. If you are not satisfied with the Spark music, you can use your iPhone music library.


Your slideshow can have a theme by clicking on the magic wand at the top right corner. Each theme has its own font type, font size, font color, transition, and background. Only one theme can be chosen for the whole video. And you are not able to change any font parameters independently on each slide. As for my video, I used “Snap” theme.


This is the Theme Lab where you can make some changes to your selected theme. It can be accessed by clicking the pencil icon when selecting a theme. There are a huge variety of colors to choose from. It’s all about your imagination! As for me, I changed the icons’ color to yellow.

Adobe Spark is a great tool that brands can easily use. You do not need a particular qualification to start making beautiful videos. It takes just a couple of minutes to understand the app. Spark seems very simple. However, it has the power to tell stories using images, text, and voice. You can create a video on-the-go and immediately share it on Facebook or Twitter as well as save to your phone or send it via e-mail.


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